Scope of Work

The lawyers at Íslög possess extensive knowledge and experience of most aspects of business and they provide universal services to clients regarding both general and specialised legal matters that arise in business operations.

The legal experts at Íslög possess a wide experience of advice and other legal services in the fields of financial and corporate law. Experience in financial law includes financial restructuring, loan agreements, due diligence, securities trading and other financial activities. In corporate law we provide corporate bodies of all sizes and types with reliable universal services, including choice of legal form and formation of companies, mergers and take-overs, changes in corporate form and equity structure, organisation etc.

Íslög’s clients include domestic companies of all sizes and types and large foreign corporations. We also handle a variety of assignments for public entities, domestic and foreign.

Decades of experience of Íslög’s legal experts ensure outstanding and careful service to clients in the complex and varied legal situations that can arise in contemporary society. We endeavour to have in our ranks the most capable and qualified staff available in order to ensure high-quality work, efficiency and maximum results in every assignment.