Dabbi in Nesi

Túngata 6 is still in the original view at least Without expensive, except the main entrance of the house was about high stairs, which were at the southern end of the house. The entrance was later changed, when traffic increased by the street.

Right at the kitchen there was a shed in the port, so there was a special chair for men and youngsters who came to the corner. Dabbi in Nesi, milk mail at Seltjarnarnes, and one of Reykjavik’s most famous fillets, was sitting in this chair and took advantage of the house fringe on his way out to Nes. If he were insane he also got snappy, but never if he was drunk. He often threw home their citizens, whom he had hoped for, and Túngata 6 was with the last houses he set out on Nes. He often became angry and argued that he did not get snappy before he left home. This dabbi was a cousin at Kristine in Nesi, but this will have been the greatest gentleman and never gave up on what was irrelevant to him.

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