Attendas Lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience on most aspects of the business community and provide comprehensive advice to their clients, both regarding general and specialized legal issues that arise in corporate operations.

Lawyers Íslag have extensive experience with consulting and other lawyer services in the field of finance and company law. Financial matters include financial restructuring, loan agreements, due diligence, securities transactions and other financial activities. In the field of corporate law, we provide companies of all sizes and provide solid, comprehensive services, including the choice of company form and the establishment of a company, the acquisition of companies, changes in organization and capital, governance and more.

Among Íslag’s customers are domestic companies of all sizes and types, as well as foreign companies. Then we also have a multitude of public sector projects, domestic as a foreign.

The decade of lawyers, Áslaug, guarantees our customers outstanding services that are dealt with diligently with the complex and varied legal issues that may arise in modern society. We strive to replace the most talented and skilled staff available to ensure the quality of work, efficiency and maximum performance in each project.